Bell Siphons by Fluid Dynamic Siphons, Inc.

Automatic Dosing Siphons
for Septic Systems and Small Disposal Plants

dosing siphon

Fluid Dynamic Siphons, Inc. is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of dosing siphons. Since 1981 the company has offered the broadest bell siphon product line in the industry featuring the best designs and highest quality materials. Dosing siphons are employed to make soil absorption systems more effective and long-lived, and are also known as automatic bell siphons, siphon pumps, siphon valves, inverted siphons, and in British English as "dosing syphons". In addition to offering in stock siphons for sale, the company also provides design and manufacturing in custom siphon sizes for its bell siphon customers.

Siphon Design

The company’s siphons feature a bell and trap design. Products are molded using medium density polyethylene. The molded design feature provides:

Siphon Applications

The company's siphons are used in the following applications:

Septic Systems

Dosing siphons are a key part of dosing leach fields with the proper amount of wastewater. Siphons allow effluent to drain while optimizing soil absorption and giving septic fields some prospect of indefinite life.

Sand Filtering Systems

Dosing siphons are a key part of dosing sand filter fresh water systems to ensure the use of the entire sand filter.

Drain Pipe Scouring

Dosing siphons may be used to maintain minimum water velocities to provide sufficient scouring of sewage pipes.

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