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12" Community Wastewater Siphon with 48" Draw Down

Model 1248
Diameter (A) 12"
Draw Down (B) 48"
Application Community Wastewater Septic System Siphon
Price Call for Pricing
Photo N/A
Outlet Size 12.75"
Optional Outlet N/A
Width of Trap (C) 31.3"
Bottom of Trap to Low Water Line (D) 66"
Bottom of Discharge to Low Water Line (E) 17"
Bottom of Trap to Bottom of Discharge (F) 49"
Height of Trap Above Low Water Line (G) 27.5"
Trap to Discharge (H) 41.5"
Average Discharge Rate 2,000 GPM
Flow Rate at Low Water 1,200 GPM

Diagram of Dosing Siphon Specifications

Bell Siphon

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